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About the Team




Dennis has been a certified welder since 1994, he's been in fencing business for over 21 years. He has also work in Construction for more than 18 years. With his talent & work of art on metals, he decided to open up DLC Express Fencing with Lei in 2000. Dennis is not just great in his work of art on metals but does an excellent quality work as well very good with people and do the best that he can to make all customer happy. He's a hard worker and will work more than the customer expectations. He's very knowledgeable in all aspects of fencing and always deliver a stress free project. Call him @ 384-8742 and he'll be there to keep your project or renovation run smoothly.



Lei is an Entrepreneur since 1998, for many years in business, she has learn a lot of unique technique in running a business. Lei has also been in real estate business since 2005 and a Notary Public since 2007. She's also a Certified Interior Designing and been designing Fence and Home. She's also in Construction Business for more than 15 years and knowledgeable in all aspects of business in Construction Industry. If you're looking for a reliable Fencing Subcontractor and don't have to worry training them how to deal with Government Paper works, Billing documents, Textura Billing, Rapid Gate Passes,  etc., we are the company that you are looking for. Lei is experienced in all aspects of Construction Documentation and has dealt with Big General Contractors. Customer Service is the # 1 (one) reason why Leila is still in business. Along with her being hard worker and a people person, she's the best in not just getting back with a customer within 24 hours but with making customer happy at all times. She is very professional and very knowledgeable in all aspects of business. Not just knowing the services the company can provide but knowledgeable to explain every details to keep any job to run smoothly and stress free. Feel free to contact her at 392-4473 or email her at for any questions.



Melody has 11 Years experience of Construction administration. She's knowledgeable in all aspects of Construction plans & projects.

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