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Unrivaled Performance, Safety and Accessibility Built to deliver unsurpassed safety and performance, our 2016 UL Listed Gate Operators and Monitored Safety Entrapment Devices provide peace of mind for every gate application.

Liftmaster RSL12U Gate Operator

*price includes a reflective photoeye infrared beam*


Some think, “It’s just a gate motor. They are all alike. They never change.” Seriously, the gate motor industry is highly competitive. Innovation is a very high priority. Having the best product with the best features and options is paramount in any industry, but this is certainly the case with entry gates and the power that moves them. Take a close look at one of the latest products from Liftmaster. The first noteworthy feature is not that it moves gates, but that it moves gates via a simple touch of your smartphone. That makes a difference. 

If you take time to contrast and compare, you will find that Elite offers some of the most reliable slide gate operators on the market. The new RSL12U (previously Elite RoboSlide) is poised on the leading edge. A lightweight opener, machine has applications for both commercial and residential use. Yes, it handles all manner of workloads, the perfect match for just about any type of gate. Be it heavy traffic or simple, occasional use, the Elite RSL12U remains vigilant and task ready.

This versatile operator easily ramps open gates up to 800 lbs. and 25 ft. long. It has features you probably have never even considered, such as: an included infrared photoelectric, reflective eye, high performance standby power, a heavy duty motor, electronic brakes, and surge protection. Want to use other devices besides your cell phone? The on-board radio receiver has a capacity of up to 50 remotes. Much more than a simple motor, this sophisticated device comprises a high-quality, reliable product. 

Yes, there is more! The Liftmaster Elite RSL12U is programmed with Surpassing Standby Power. Just ten seconds after the gate closes, the system switches off non essential ancillary devices to conserve power. This is critical in the event AC power is lost. The battery backup system will remain operational for days or even weeks depending on your daily use and daily cycle rate along with the power draw regarding the accessories you connect to the 12V accessory power output. Yes, it is that sophisticated.

The Elite also contains a True Power Management System. This mighty little gate motor will not only recover its used batteries quicker when discharged, the opener also manages low power thresholds, refusing to run when batteries beyond the point of failure. That ensures they are ready for the next time they are needed. And this Elite gate operator comes with a 3 year warranty to boot.

Yes, there is a whole lot more to an electric gate opeeners than simply cycling open or close for each entry. We're talking solar capability, smartphone capability, battery backup, monitored photoeys - everything one is looking ofr in a gate opener. These openers do change...a lot, and frequently. Are you on the leading edge with your gate operator?

Seriously! Take advantage of everything the RSL12U has to offer. Call us today for more information and place your order today.


Price: $ 7,875.00 
Our Price: $ 6,700.00 + Installation


RoboSlide Plug-in Transformer - 18VAC 
List Price: $ 295.00 
Our Price: $ 220.00 

RoboSlide Solar Panel - 24W 
List Price: $ 5,500.00 
Our Price: $ 4,825.00 Quick Specs

Max GateLength (ft) 20 
MaxGate Weight (lbs) 800 
Gate Travel (in./sec.) 11 Uses only a 12 volt, 7 amp hour battery that can be charged either through the solar panel or plug in transformer.

Uses only a 12 volt, battery system that can be charged either through the solar panel or plug in transformer. Elite Access Systems, Inc. presents the Robo Slide™, the intelligent gate operator. The suggested usage is single family homes. It is equipped with an automatic closing timer, reversing sensor and electronic shut off system and is capable of accepting a hold open loop system. This uniquegate operator uses only a 12-volt battery system and can be used as a wireless unit with the optional Solar 3 power system or can be installed with up to 1000 feet of low voltage wire (reduces cost of wiring). The state of the art features offered in the Miracle-One™ make it one of the most advanced operatorsin the world and will create new standards in the gateoperator industry.

Alarm Alarm will sound anytime the moving gate is physically stopped by an unwanted object. 

Battery Sealed 12-volt, 7 amp hour battery for long life. 
Control Board Modular control board uses LEDs to indicate all input and output functions of thegate operator. 

ERD Sensor If the gate hits a vehicle while closing it re-opens. If it hits a vehicle while opening it stops, reverses 4 to 6 inches and stops again. 

Power Failure Backup No power failure. The unit is equipped with a batery back-up system standard. 
Timer Can be set from 0-60 seconds 

Chassis Constructed with 1/8 in sheet metal, welded & fully plated 

Cover Heavy-duty, weatherproof polyethylene plastic cover. 

Dimensions Length 13.75 in x Height 21.25 in x Width 14.5 in 

Gate Length Up to 20 feet maximum gate length. 

Gate Traveling Time 11 inches per second. 

Gear Box 30 to 1 ratio gear reducer in an oil bath, delivers smooth and quiet operation 

Motor Permanent magnetic 12-volt DC motor 

Solar Panels The optional Solar-3 solar panel allows the 

Robo Slide to operate as a wireless system 

Solar Panel The optional Solar-3 solar panel allows the 

Robo Swing to operate as a wireless system. 

Warranty Elite warrants the Robo Slide for 3 years from the date of purchase. 

Weight Capacity 800 pound maximum gate weight. Elite Robo Slide Residential Slide Gate Operator

Elite Liftmaster RSW12U

*price includes a reflective photoeye infrared beam*

This is the one of the newest revamps of DC model gate operators from Liftmaster at the great price. Used to be called the Roboswing, they have upgraded it to include features that only the big guns carry. This sharp little swing gate opener is fully smartphone controllable and it can be installed in homes or up a 15-unit complexes. In addition to the force it can produce, the on-board radio receiver can hold up to 50 remotes, enough for your all the tenants in your entire building 

We won’t bore you with the wordy details, but here is the thumbnail version: A powerful DC motor with a free watchful, reflective, infrared photocell, ensures prompt and safe operation. There is a soft start/stop action, meaning very quiet and highly reliable performance. Did we mention this little motor muscles gates up to 600 lbs. or as long as 16ft? And it will do it like clockwork...cycling up to 250 times per day.

Back to saving money: the RSW12U contains prompt standby power. A mere ten seconds after the gate closes, the system switches off all non essential accessories to conserve energy. Yes, monthly it saves you money, but in an emergency, it saves you...period! In the event of a power loss, the battery backup system remains operational for days or even weeks, depending on the daily cycle rate of you or your gate. Of course, the power draw from accessories connected to the 12V accessory power output will also count, but the motor actually addresses that, too. The RSW12U is programmed with a True Power Management System.  It will not only work to recover battery power quicker when they’re discharged, but it also keeps tabs on the low power threshold. The system will not run the batteries beyond the point of failure, thus ensuring they are ready for the next time they are needed. Saving money and offering peace of need this gate operator!

Need solar capabilities? well here's the unit for you. Able to run on a mere 20w solar power. No digging for electrical, no coduit runs, no electrica bill - set it and forget it. 

Fully compliant with the new UL 325 guidelines, the RSW12U also comes with a solid, two year warranty. What are you waiting for? Call now!


Price: $ 6,875.00 
Our Price: $ 4800.00 + Installation


RoboSlide Plug-in Transformer - 18VAC 
List Price: $ 225.00 
Our Price: $150.00 

RoboSlide Solar Panel - 24W 
List Price: $ 4500.00 
Our Price: $ 3,825.00 Quick Specs

All prices are dubject to change!


  • Maximum gate width: 16ft

  • Maximum gate weight: 600lbs.

  • Smartphone capable

  • Solar ready

  • Limited parts warranty provided by Liftmaster: 3 years

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